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Anonymous asked
Sorry to bring it up again, I understand the pain of a dog lover when they can't have happiness incarnate wrapped up in fur, but why don't you own a dog? Do you at least steal your friends' dogs and spoil them sometimes?

Simply put, because I’m not okay with being a shitty pet owner.

I’m gone for work probably 10 hours out of the day, and I take small trips away all the time. I wouldn’t have the free time to dedicate to properly training or raising a dog, let alone the free time to actually take care of it in a way that would be more than barely adequate.

As much as it bums me out, I promised myself id wait until I was in a different position before getting another dog.

I do totally steal my roommate’s and friend’s dogs to spoil when I can though. I get to hang out with a rad little poodle tomorrow, haha.

Anonymous asked
Pssssst..... Happy hump day. 😉

Not yet…


stop enforcing the idea that u need 2 be in a relationship 2 be happy sometimes u just need more cereal

noodlejerk probably lives this mantra every day

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Anonymous asked
I don't think we could handle the amount of adorable in every picture if you did have a dog. You're already pushing the limits on your own.

Haha, thank you.

Anonymous asked
What exactly is a "price shopper?"

Someone who will attempt to search out a shop or artist based purely on lowest price and usually not at all on quality level of service.

Anonymous asked
Regarding your piercing post, it is great that you and others take the time out of your day to respond to anonymous messages about questions. I've never sent you anything, but I appreciate that I feel like you'd answer it if I did! So thank you to everyone who takes the time to do that! 😊 and I do think its crappy that people spam all of you for the same question. Keep up the good work.

Thanks :)

Anonymous asked
good piercers around Cedar City, Utah? it's like the middle of fucking nowhere out here, but i could maybe travel the 3-4 hour drive to vegas if thats closest.

SLC or Vegas are really your best option if you don’t mind making a day trip.

Chris Jennell at Club Tattoo in Vegas is my top suggestion out that way, he’ll take great care of you. 😊

Anonymous asked
I'm not sure who is cuter-you or the lil pup you just reblogged. Now if the two of you were in the picture together, you'd probably break tumblr with all the notes you'd get. 👍😏🐶🐾

I knowww. Quit reminding me that I don’t have a dog of my own to hang out with =\

Anonymous asked
How old are you?







Whaaat! I thought you were older than that!

Same.  Maybe it’s perrymdoig's superb facial hair skills that's throwing us off.

Truth is, years of abuse to my insides when I was younger took a toll on my appearance. Drugs age people. It’s the truth. It’s not just a scare tactic for D.A.R.E. posters.

Uh I don’t think “Don’t do drugs or you’ll look like me, kids” is a very effective tactic here…

^ they have a point.

Look, if I see you ask the same exact question about your piercing to 16 other piercers on here, I’m not going to answer it anymore.

Most of the time it’s not an answer that requires multiple opinions, and if you’re just spamming it to multiple people to get a faster response then you’re being disrespectful to those of us who try to answer questions and be helpful here by wasting our time.

Lots of us follow each-other, it’s pretty obvious when it happens.


Anonymous asked
Your eyes are so beautiful! I couldn't help but drown in those to aqua blue eyes of yours :)



You should see them up close 😘

Frill doe.


Had this cutie at work tonight. He just learned how to pick up his ears 😍